Our Fabrics

Quality is always first when choosing our fabrics. 

Top Fabrics (against your skin)

Organic Cotton Lycra - most used, this is my favourite top fabric. Soft like a t shirt, natural, & absorbent. 

Bamboo Organic Cotton - 


Bamboo Velour - 


Pique - 


Minky - 


Inside Absorbent Fabrics 


Cotton Flannel

Organic Bamboo Fleece

Organic Cotton Hemp Fleece 


Back water Resistant Layer

Bamboo Organic Cotton Fleece - this technical fabric is designed by the same company that makes Zorb. It is designed for cloth diapers, cloth pads, nursing pads, change pads, etc.  

The side facing into the pad has a laminated layer that is water resistant. 

  • Unique process permanently melt-bonds our specially-treated TPU film to the fabric without toxic solvents. The process emits no toxic waste or VOCs that are harmful to the environment.