Where Do I Start?


How many pads do I start with?

Start with 1. Try rotating it in with your current product to get the feel of it. You could also get a starter bundle to try a few sizes at once  

How do I know what size I need?

If you wear disposable pads, measure your favourite size and start with the size closest to that. Round up.

10” is a good starting point  

Do they smell?

No. Only your natural odours

 Are they waterproof?

They have a breathable water resistant back fabric 

What do I do if I’m outside the house?

Easily keep clean pads in a pad wrapper or a wet bag to change when on the go. Wrap up your used pad and keep it in a pad wrapper or wet bag in your bag, pocket etc. Once you get home, place in your laundry hamper, or large wet bag till wash day.