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Panty Liners - Organic Cotton Knit

Panty Liners - Organic Cotton Knit

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$7 each or 3 for $15 (discount applied at checkout)

Mix & match any colors & any sizes 

Top Fabric

Organic Cotton Knit Top Fabric  

Inner Absorbent Layer

100% Organic Cotton Flannel

Back Fabric 

Bamboo Organic Cotton Fleece - Water Resistant ECO-PUL 

Liners are great for every day wear. They are thin and comfortable. Best for light discharge, spotting, or back up to a menstrual cup. There is an organic cotton Lycra top fabric and a water resistant backer fabric. The Liners have a thin organic cotton flannel absorbent inner layer. If you need more absorption please check out our selection of moderate absorbency pads.


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Care Instructions

At Norma May, our goal is to provide quality products with quality materials. Always researching new and innovative fabrics and ideas. We use fabrics that are safe next to your skin, breathable, comfortable, long lasting, and of course, cool to look at. 

Wash Guide:

No Fabric Softener or dryer sheets (coats fabric preventing absorbency over time)

No Bleach (damages the fabrics)

Presoak in COLD water with a small amount of detergent or stain remover of choice. This can be done in the washing machine on a prewash cycle or presoak in a sink or a bathtub

Wash in a normal wash cycle on their own or with other clothes. This cycle can be warm or hot water.

Hang to dry or tumble dry LOW

**Avoiding high heat is best for longevity of the fabrics 


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